Thankyou City are undoubtedly one of Australia’s most impressive and in demand live electronic acts.

The two brothers have performed all throughout Australia and the globe, with highlights including UK’s Glade Festival, USA’s Symbiosis Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Strawberry Fields, Earth Frequency Festival, Subsonic Music and Let Them Eat Cake.

Their endeavours through the international club circuit have generated a cult-like following from afar, with performances at some of Europe’s most respected underground clubs; Berlin’s Sisyphus, Ritter Butzke and Golden Gate, throughout Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Prague, France, Spain and Thailand.

The Thankyou City sound is a truly unique blend of deep house, progressive and techno. Infused organic sounds, warm orchestras, emotive pads and rich melodies complimented by thick bass-lines and complex percussion. The brothers have developed an impressive trademark sound that embraces a rich, genre-blurred approach to forging sophisticated musical creations.

In 2018, Thankyou City joined highly acclaimed LA based label Sol Selectas with their “Analogue Odyssey” EP, reaching number #6 on the overall Beatport charts, accompanied by remixes from Audiofly and Jon Charnis. Their prosperous catalogue includes works with industry heavyweights Balance Music, Sprout Music, KNM and Australia’s trademark Open Records.

Thankyou City’s achievements have stretched overtly into beyond their home industry, awarded the “People’s Choice” selection for Producers Of The Year at the Australian Independent Music Awards and original scores signed to various SBS and ABC television programs.

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