3rd June 2023


The Story

The name ‘Strawberry Moon Festival’ was conceived from the Strawberry Full Moon which occurs every year in June, and is often referred to as the Red Moon.

Strawberry Moon Festival will showcase some of the world’s most talented and relevant DJs from all over the globe attracting international headline acts, followed by homegrown talent founded right here on our shores. In collaboration with the musicians we will have state of the art production and visual effects, a range of talented performers, and a touch of class, glamour and sparkle.

We are introducing a new day festival into the electronic music scene in QLD Australia, and we aim to deliver a new style dance party with some old style class. This event will present a newly created bespoke music and visual experience not to be missed.

Strawberry Full Moon in June

For the June full moon, the American Indians came up with a beautiful name that reflects their usual way of life. It is known as “Strawberry Moon” and it is at this time that the strawberries are harvested. Summer comes into its own, the days are getting longer, the sun is hotter and hotter – nature blooms in June. The first harvest has already been received; it will only get better. There are no barriers to moving forward, the future looks great. Another name, no less beautiful than the previous one, evokes pleasant associations. In honor of the exquisite flower that blooms at this time, the full moon in June is designated as the “Full Moon of Roses”. Refined fragrance creates a special atmosphere saturated with romantic fantasies.

The acute need for change, the desire to breathe deeply – this is what drives the actions of people. With the full moon in Sagittarius in June 2023, you can feel extraordinary cheerfulness, a surge of energy. The influence of the fire sign and its patron Jupiter is manifested in openness, activity and inexhaustible love of life. A person feels himself to be a creator, changes reality with inspiration. There is no place for pessimism: if something does not suit you, you can start over. On the Sagittarius full moon, positive changes take place, people demonstrate their best qualities. Difficulties do not frighten, on the contrary, they start: excitement stirs up the blood. I want to go forward, overcome, conquer – in a word, be the master of my own destiny.

Everything related to family, career aspirations become of great importance. The Strawberry full moon in June is a period of powerful energy that makes it possible to move forward. If you work a little harder than usual, and have a firm belief in yourself, success is bound to come. There are no barriers other than internal fears, which is why the correct psychological attitude is so important. For more confidence, you can enlist the support of loved ones. On the June full moon, it is customary to pay special attention to the older generation. Disagreements should not be allowed: the slightest negative can provoke a huge scandal. It is necessary to strengthen family ties, to maintain family traditions.

For a good mood, it is very important to feel needed, to feel supported. With a full moon in June, the Sun is in Gemini, so people become more sociable, inclined to dialogue. The influence of the air sign gives lightness to thoughts, enhances the imagination, which allows you to soar above the hustle and bustle. I would like to plunge into a fantasy world, do something interesting. The emotional connection between people is becoming stronger, the need for like-minded people is felt more and more sharply. Loneliness is unbearable, the key to success is fruitful cooperation. Mutual assistance will help to cope with any problems, the main thing is not to lose faith in yourself and the surrounding people.

The Event

Strawberry Moon Festival will showcase some of the world’s most talented DJs from all over the globe, attracting international headline acts, followed by homegrown talent.

In collaboration with the musicians, there will be state-of-the-art production and visual effects that will completely transform the event.

Everything that we are creating for this festival is to ensure all attendees experience something they haven’t seen in Brisbane before.

Strawberry Moon is a festival that is so much more than just music.


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Profound Sounds Entertainment acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land where our event will take place, the Turrbal, Yugeera and Lagera people, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and future. We also extend that same respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. Sovereignty was never ceded.